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Travel Goals Podcast

Nov 15, 2021

When we travel, we are bracing the unknown and the unfamiliar. We're casting aside our everyday routines and putting ourselves on the path of adventure and this isn’t without its risks. In this episode, I chat with Katie Crowe, Director of Communications, at Insurance company battleface about travel diasters, having...

Feb 23, 2021

Ross Jennings is on an incredible, Celtic musical adventure to play the bagpipes in every country of the world in a world record attempt! 

In this episode, we talk about how Ross first began his musical adventure and the challenges of travelling full time with an instrument and pipers attire.

We also talk about how he...

Oct 24, 2020

A casual scroll through Instagram will have you believing that anyone can ditch their 9-5 job and go and find inner peace on a Thai island. But is it really that easy?

On this episode, we talk about all the things you need to consider before you hand your notice in and book that one-way flight.

You’ll need to think...

May 25, 2020

Have you been wondering how to travel mindfully? How you can travel with more purpose? We take a deep dive into how you can travel more mindfully and why it's important? We cover topics such as slow travel, positively contributing to a destination and cultural sensitivity. 

Travel Goals show notes: 

Apr 12, 2020

Listen to travel experts talk about how the travel industry can recover from the coronavirus crisis. 

We talk to a range of people in the travel and tourism industry who have been impacted by the crisis. From tour guides, tour operators to those working in tourism bureaus and Travel PR companies.

How long will the...