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Travel Goals Podcast

Sep 20, 2020

Planning Solo female travel in Mexico and not sure if it's safe? You need to get the inside scoop on travelling in Mexico from Shelley Marmor from 'Travel Mexico Solo'. 

On this episode, Shelley talks about her experiences of travelling and living in Mexico, why Mexico isn’t as scary as you might think and how she empowers women to take the plunge and solo travel.

Shelley is a former Miami travel magazine editor, who ditched the office for the world!

Well, that's the short & sweet & neat version. The real version is a little more imperfect, she actually became a solo traveller by accident. Like most unplanned things, though, it empowered her in ways she could never have imagined.

Now, she has a blog, Travel Mexico Solo, and a podcast, Dream To Destination, to help other women transcend their fears and to travel solo.

In this episode, Shelley gives practical tips and advice on how to travel and live in Mexico, as well as providing travel resources and some encouragement. Start planning your solo trip to Mexico now!