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Travel Goals Podcast

Apr 7, 2021

Learn the best travel hacking secrets with travel expert Nate Ritter. Travel hacking is how savvy travellers save lots of money on travel. It's more than just finding a "deal online, it's a state of mind! In this episode, Nate talks about the best strategies to earn airline miles and hotel points and the best ways to redeem those points, to get free travel, upgrades, and elite status.

Nate is a travel expert, who first got started in 2007 when he was able to fly & stay in Paris for just $300. This super budget travel experience sparked his interest in all things travel hacking through miles, points and finding special deals. On the show, he explains in detail, how you can also start travel hacking and saving money right now.

Nate's been a tech executive and entrepreneur for most of his career, consulting for companies like Activision Blizzard, Microsoft, and Land Rover. He also spends his time building and running his own companies like Perfect Space and Room Steals. When he's not consulting or building his own companies, Nate also helps others like and Hotels for Hope build teams, execute visions, and to scale.

We chat about how you can save tons of money on hotels and flights using a variety of travel hacks and tricks to keep your travels cost-effective. We also take a deep dive into travel technology and whether it enhances or takes away from your travels.

Nate also talks about how and why he founded RoomSteals. A money-saving chrome extension that shows you if a cheaper price for the hotel you're already looking at exists, saving you lots of money on your hotel stays. There’s even a special coupon for a RoomSteals subscription, exclusive for Travel Goals listeners, so listen out for it in the show.


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